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# General Advice

# Business School

Don't fall behind on lectures, Do find a good group for coursework – 2019/20

business school course is waste of your time – 19/20

# Horizons

An important thing to note is that if you want to take Languages for credit in Year 3 and 4, the Level of the course must be 2 or higher. If you can put aside time in your first and/or second year, I would recommend trying the Level 1 of any language course to get a feel of whether you like it or not (I did this for Mandarin in my 2nd year and while it was enjoyable, I didn’t want to take it any further). At the end of the day its extra credit in the first 2 years but if you enjoy it, it could really pay for you in the later years. - Arijit 20/21

# BPES Modules

# BUSI96004 – Managing Innovation

Good module based around different case studies. The coursework (simulation) is interesting. – Clementine Biet, 2019/20

# BUSI96008 – Managerial Economics Online

If you want the hard option this is it. Time consuming and challenging content but I learned a lot from this course and would highly recommend it. Gives you are a really broad understanding of business and economic principles while not being a waste of a module unlike some other courses. – Hamish, 2019/20

Very fun module, covers a lot of basic and important concepts in economics – 19/20

Not a bad module to take, one simple quiz, two coursework assignments and one exam. Hand in the second coursework early so it doesn't interfere with exam preparations. (2020/21)

Took in 3rd year, probably the best option – 19/20

boring as always – 19/20

# BUSI96009 – Corporate Finance Online

Was harder than I thought but I felt that I learnt a lot about bonds, stocks and how financial instruments work. Doing your compulsory readings is quite important for understanding imo because the lectures only cover key points but not all the derivations and explanations. Group coursework was pretty fair, one was on valuation of an index fund, the other was on assessing the risk of hedging of an airline. Exams were pretty ok too. Would recommend! – ykw, 2019/20

Lots of formulae to remember for the exam, but topics are taught well. Good if you want to know basic finance. – 19/20

Pretty ok – 19/20

# BUSI96010 – Entrepreneurship Online

Slightly boring module, but try and find a good group. Better to find people within the same course so that your timetables match and meetings can be easier to set. (2020/21)

Not a huge fan of the content, but the course is manageable as long as you have a decent group and everyone is willing to put in some effort. Try not to make up data for the report, it will be a lot better if you don't. (2020/21)

For the coursework, make sure you get your drafts checked before submitting! Vague module, but not much to revise for the exam. – 2019/20

# BUSI96011 – Accounting Online

Form of teaching is really bad and the content is sort of boring, but a very easy module and easy to get marks as well. - Hussain 20/21

Don’t fall into the trap of overconfidence or loss of motivation. Follow the proposed timetable. I made the mistake of leaving it to the last few days. Don’t do this if you pick this module. - Jaafar 20/21

So boring. But easy I suppose. Try to follow their recommended timetable – it'll make your life over Christmas a lot easier. Also get an Excel template ready. - JZ, 2020/21

First half of the module can be slightly challenging, and the second half is much easier. The assessments are based on what is taught in the online videos so practicing examples is very important. The online videos don't follow the book definitions always so make sure to take note of which definitions to use. (2020/21)

The content of the module is manageable enough but requires a fair amount of reading of a mostly boring accounting textbook. Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself through the module but is worth it as all the assessments are directly linked to problems covered in the learning content. (2020/21)

Other comments have summed it up quite nicely, I found the content in the first half incredibly dry and found it difficult to muster the motivation to persevere at their recommended pace, but actually following their timetable makes life a lot easier. (2020/21)

Form of teaching is so bad, but in general the knowledge is acceptable, easy marks – 2019/20

Very useful module - something every engineer should do! Very scoring as well. – 2019/20

Good – 2019/20

Absolute doss module, easiest first of my life. Make sure to setup your spreadsheets in advance for the timed quizzes to have a chill time. Exam is more or less fine, can learn the content in a couple of days before it and get a decent mark. (2019/20)

# Horizons Modules

# History of Science and Technology

This is a really interesting module and Dr Weatherburns is also very engaging. I found it pretty hard to score well for the essays though (65-70) but if you have interest in global history this is very good for you – ykw, 2019/20

# Music Technology

It’s a lot of work. And it’s essential that you go to the studio, which covid might come in the way of. – Kunal, 2019/20

# French Level 2

I took this module completely remotely. It was definitely good to take a module that was completely different to my other EEE modules. Definitely take it if you enjoyed GCSE (or equivalent) French, as the grammar and vocabulary is not a very big step at all. The Autumn term is basically making sure you can use the different tenses and conjugate correctly, the Spring term is more focused on listenings and writing essays. While it is an enjoyable module, bear in mind that you will have (unless they change) 7 separate assessments over the 3 terms, so be sure to allocate enough time in the week to complete them well. Otherwise it’s really easy to score highly in it. – Arijit, 20/21

Languages can be time consuming, only pick if you actually want to learn the language (and not just as easy marks) – Tarik, 2019

# Mandarin Level 3

This is much harder than L2. Only take if you can give the time to study and have someone you can practice with regularly. – 19/20