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# Events

Mums & Dads

October 2022

Settle into 1st year by getting to know more people from your course!

You'll be paired with two parents that have studied your course, as well as other 1st year students for a tour around campus and lunch.

Finally, you'll finish off with a trip to the Union where you can chat with your group about any questions you may have.

# Meet the Committee

Tanya Chopra


Committed to improving your uni experience 😊

James Nock


Have you tried turning it off and on again? 👨‍💻

Alexandra Neagu

Vice President (Industry)

Organising academic events and getting sponsors for EESoc

Shermaine Ang

Industrial Liaison Officer

Bringing in more companies to give you more career opportunities

Václav Pavlíček

Industrial Liaison Officer

Organises academic and industry events & finds sponsors for the society 👨‍🎓💻

David Amor-Segan

quEErsoc Officer

Advocating for the LGBTQ+ communitEE

Anish Narain

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Promoting diversity and inclusion around our events

Alex Dhayaa

SparkEE Ladies President

Building a stronger community of female electrical engineers and a robust network of peers and mentors 👩‍💼⚡

Yusuf Salim


In charge of EESoc's money 💰

Bastien Baluyot


Helping to keep the society organised

Andy Wanna

Vice President (Events)

Bringing you the best events

Liam Browne

Events Officer

Helping to organise thrilling events in the coming year

Arnav Kohli

Events Officer

Organising all those E(E)vents

Paul Vangerow

Publicity Officer

Handling our social media presence and promoting events

Kia Popat

Postgraduate and Alumni Officer

Improving relations with postgrads and EESoc alumni

Fancy joining committee?

Spring & Summer CSP elections

Look out for the Spring CSP elections to run for a committee role

# Sponsors

Made by James Nock and the EESoc Committee with ❤️