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Welcome to Imperial's Electrical Engineering society! Here you can find upcoming events, our latest sponsors, and resources to assist with your studies.

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# Events

Evening @ The Gherkin

3rd March, Sunday Evening

Join us at this black-tie event for a night of sophistication. 39th and 40th floor are booked out for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of Londons skyline. Also lots of drinks and canapés.

Final release of the Gherkin – grab yours now before they run out!

Tickets can be purchased on Union Website

# Meet the Committee

Pranav Madhusudhana


Making sure EESoc brings you the best events, a platform to launch your career, and a huge community to rely on.

Fion Foo


Together we can make EESoc the most efficient & coolest departmental society 😎

Ajith Kurian

Vice President (Industry)

I hope to gain major sponsors this year

Samuel Tan

Industrial Liaison Officer

That everyone has a meaningful and fulfilling EExperience :D

Noam Weitzman

Industrial Liaison Officer

Create a network that not only illuminates the path to amazing opportunities but also keeps the EEsoc energized.💡

Robin Masih

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, quEErsoc Officer

To ensure that events are inclusive for all, address any concerns relating to diversity and inclusion within the department

Arthika Sivathasan

WiEE President

To have a fantastic year for WiEE and to hold many memorable events for you guys to enjoy!

Shaheer Chaudry


To juggle numbers like a circus performer, ensuring we've got enough dough to throw the best party in town (well, campus)!

Aishwarya Anand


To ensure the smooth running of EESoc events and make sure that everything is organised and well presented.

Arnav Kohli

Vice President (Events)

Have inclusive events with more focus on pushing freshers to attend and make unforgettable memories with the rest of the society.

Dylan Toussaint

Events Officer

Deliver Kit and sick events

Ana Dimoska

Events Officer

Let's not forget it's roaring twenties again!

Shermaine Ang

Publicity Officer

Hoping to reach out to more of our students and add some fun into their University lives!

Ahmed Elkouny

Sports Officer

Make sure everyone is shredded by the end of the year 💪🏿

Chiedozie Ihebuzor

Postgraduate and Alumni Officer

To hold events for postgraduates and alumni, giving opportunities to mix with undergrads and each other

Fancy joining committee?

Spring & Summer CSP elections

Look out for the Autumn CSP elections to run for a committee role

# Sponsors

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